COVID-19’s impact on Miami Real Estate: most likely not what you think

Lockdowns, layoffs, saturated hospitals, deaths, and business closures. While 2020 can be briefed in a few negative words, a look at the numbers and buyer’s behavior in Miami-Dade’s real estate shows some -for some- unexpected results, particularly from the residential market.

With interest rates at a record-low and people looking to move out of their condos, it has driven up prices and demand for single-family homes.

According to the MiamiReport Q3, only 0.67% of all single-family homes in Miami-Dade County — or 4,516 out of 678,860 — are currently listed for sale or rent on the Miami Multiple Listing Service.


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It also shows the percentages of foreign buyers versus domestic U.S. buyers have flipped since 2010, from 49% foreign and 21% domestic to the current 23% foreign to 49% domestic. Recurring to tax data, the research also indicates that Florida is the No. 1 choice for people relocating from New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Massachusetts.

“Houses are selling at such a feverish pace, inventory is getting unbelievably tight and prices are going up,” Craig Studnicky, president of RelatedISG said. “Now buyers are saying ‘Show me some condos’ because houses are a seller’s market now. Buyers are not going to find a bargain anymore. If they want a bargain, that’s condos now.”

Here are some of the top-gaining neighborhoods:

 In Miami Shores (median home value: $569,608), the number of closed sales jumped 42.6% between June 1-Aug. 31 over the same period last year. The total dollar volume in sales grew 29%, from $46 million to $51 million.

 Palmetto Bay (median home value: $310,471) showed an increase of 6.3% in closed sales and a jump of 14% in the total dollar volume of sales, from $65.1 million to $74.2 million.

 Key Biscayne (median home value: $1,079,895) saw a 43% increase in total dollar volume sales, from $101 million to $144 million.


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